Ketamine Therapy: What to Expect

Your comfort is our priority. Learn more about what to expect during your ketamine treatment at Bloom Health and Wellness.

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Arrival on Infusion Day

On your infusion day, you and your driver will arrive at Bloom Health and Wellness Center and be greeted by our receiving nurse who will help you through your personalized treatment experience.

With the medical team, prior to your infusion, you will fill out a health history form and mental health assessment, and any additional necessary forms, including a careful review of the discharge instructions. This mental health assessment will help our team determine your response to the infusion and tailor the dose and timing of your subsequent infusions.

Starting the Infusion

Our nurse will lead you to your room where she will start a small IV in your hand or arm, and place you on a monitor. At your election, we will provide you with comfortable noise cancelling headphones, a weighted blanket and light relaxing music to listen to during your infusion, or you may bring your own music.

The ketamine infusion is started and you are instructed to recline, relax, and close your eyes. The medicine is given slowly over a minimum of 40 minutes (the infusion is longer for pain disorders). During that time, we will intermittently and unobtrusively monitor your vital signs. The first 15-20 minutes you may have no noticeable effects.

During the Infusion

Halfway through the infusion most patients begin to experience feelings described as: euphoria, floating, heightened perceptions, feeling disconnected, or in a dream. You are not asleep during the infusion and have full command of your faculties. Less commonly, patients may experience some anxiety, sweating, or a headache. Medications can be administered if those symptoms persist and/or become uncomfortable.

All of these feelings tend to subside approximately 10-15 minutes after the completion of the infusion. Most patients can expect to be with us for approximately 90 minutes from the time you enter the clinic to when you leave, with minimal to no side effects at that point and none between treatments.

After the Infusion

After the infusion, it is possible to notice mood effects of the infusion as soon as 1 hour afterwards, but typically such effects are noticed 4- to 24-hours post-infusion. If effective, there should be a perceptible difference in feeling less sad, more hopeful, with decreased thoughts of suicide, increased calmness and improvement of mood. For pain infusions, relief and improvement of symptoms typically occurs within hours of the infusion.