Medical Weight Loss Management

At Bloom Health and Wellness, we recognize the intrinsic connection between mental health and metabolic well-being. Our holistic approach, extends beyond mental health to encompass metabolic health and weight management.

Our goal is to help you mitigate medical risks associated with obesity.

Medical Weight Management Program

Navigating weight management is a universal challenge, and at Bloom Health, we prioritize personalized care. Understanding the unique barriers individuals face, we tailor weight loss strategies to your lifestyle, which includes your dietary and exercise behaviors. Unlike temporary solutions, our program aims for sustainable results by addressing the root causes of weight-related issues.

GLP-1 Agonists* for Weight Loss

*Common Prescription Weight Loss Medications

Acknowledging the initial success, with common relapse, with commonly used prescription medications, Bloom Health steps in with a comprehensive strategy. We leverage these medicines while emphasizing behavioral changes for enduring weight management. Your safety is paramount, and our experienced medical professionals meticulously assess your suitability for these medications.

medical weight loss


Our weight management program is rooted in principles that view obesity as a treatable disease requiring long-term care. Recognizing the health benefits of even modest weight loss, we emphasize changes in eating habits, quality sleep, and regular physical activity for sustained success.


Program Goals

Our structured approach focuses on gradual weight loss, medical monitoring, behavioral education, emotional support, and personalized long-term maintenance programs. We have the in-house capability to integrate IV vitamin therapy to optimize nutritional changes.


Program Components

Medical monitoring involves recognizing and managing health conditions related to weight loss.  GLP-1 Agonists offer steady weight reduction and blood glucose regulation, which can effectuate cardiovascular health benefits and a reimagined relationship with food.

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Lifestyle Modification

Our clinical staff assist patients in developing healthier habits, identifying triggers, assessing environments, making positive lifestyle choices, and establishing supportive networks.

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Nutrition education guides our patients to make healthier choices through individualized meal planning, identifying environmental factors influencing weight gain, and creating a supportive environment.

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Physical Activity

Providers guide patients in establishing safe and effective physical activity routines tailored to each individual’s needs.

Program Structure

The three-stage structure involves initial weight loss basics, a deeper dive into exercise and metabolic health goals, and long-term continuous care with monthly individual sessions for refinement.

Stage I – Initial Weight Loss & Basics of Nutrition Education

  • 20 weekly individualized sessions
  • Five months in length.
  • Medical monitoring.


Stage II – Deeper dive into exercise and the metabolic health goals

  • 20 weekly sessions.
  • Weight, body composition, and blood pressure monitoring weekly.
  • Eight months in length.

Stage III – Long-Term Continuous Care

  • Monthly individual sessions with a provider to keep refining and improving your health journey.  (Can be added for clarification if needed)

Be the Change –
GLP-1 Agonist Journey

Embark on a transformative journey toward sustainable change with GLP-1 Agonists as the catalyst.  Join us at Bloom Health to unlock a healthier, vibrant version of yourself, infused with well-being and purpose.

Enjoy your transformative journey with Bloom Health and Wellness.